Dear Santa

I’ve been a good girl this year. I think I deserve at least one of these. 🙂

1. iPad2
2. Swatch
3. Luggage Bag
4. Aromatherapy paraphernalia
5. Well-functioning/good quality alarm clock
6. Bedsheet set
7. Perfume
8. Rayban Aviator shades
9. Bean bag
10. Pag-ibig*

*15 days kong pinag-isipan kung ano ang #10 pero wala na talaga akong maisip.. 🙂 mahirap bang matanggap yun?


25 Things To Do on my 25th Birthday

Ok. This is my first post (obviously). I am not comfortable when it comes to blogging but im doing it for the sake of posting something on my silver year. 🙂 So, here you go….

1. Eat 25 of something (since I’m on a diet, it doesn’t have to be like heavy stuff. 25 strawberries will do).
2. Let at least 25 people kiss and hug me (quite challenging dahil walang pasok, less officemates)
3. Tell a stranger it’s my birthday (malay mo, sya na!)
4. Thank every person who wishes me a happy birthday on FB, twitter, SMS, voice, and other channels.
5. Plan for my next 25 years.
6. Thank Him. 🙂
7. Give a gift to the 25th greeter via SMS or Voice.
8. Spend an hour at the adoration chapel.
9. Birthday salubong with 25c girls and friends. 
10. Greet #frineth for their 1st monthsary. (bilang president ng fans club)
11. Get a full body massage.
12. Meet hayskul friends.
13. Have an early breakfast. Alone.
14. Make people sing the Happy Birthday Song to me (in 3 different languages).
15. Hum (or whistle) the Happy Birthday song all day (during idle moments).
16. Watch a movie alone. Yes, sa sinehan. 🙂
17. Take a photo every hour.
18. Make a list of 25 things that I want to do before my 26th birthday.
19. Buy a newspaper and keep it til my next birthday.
20. Write a letter for myself that I can read next year.
21. Figure out 25 places I want to visit during my lifetime.
22. Smoke. My first, and hopefully my last. 🙂 I just want to do something “bad” on this day.
23. Blow out candles on 25 mini cupcakes.
24. Call up my family (malayo man sila, malapit din).
25. Enjoy this day. 🙂